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Help! I am a Newbie to VTConnect Video Care!

If this is your first time using secure video teleconferencing for your therapy session, it may be a bit confusing or overwhelming. The best way to settle your nerves is to be prepared prior to the session. It is important to make sure you have read all the instructions and VTConnect FAQ’s on how to download the VTConnect App and check that your device and internet speed meet all the technical requirements identified in the FAQ’s. Once this has been done, you will need a pair of earbuds or headphones to use during your sessions to optimize the audio experience.

The sessions are launched/started from the VTConnect Care App, not the VTConnect Office Portal, at the pre-determined time selected by you and your practitioner. I often recommend that you ask your practitioner to connect with you briefly prior to your session to make sure that the VTConnect Caring App is connecting successfully and/or to adjust any of the settings if needed. The pre-check is not a time for therapeutic issues. It is a technical session to confirm you can successfully connect with your practitioner and to help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about using the VTConnect Caring App.

For your session, select a place in your home, office, car, or outside that has privacy. Ideally it is a place with few distractions or interruptions, which means your local coffee spot might not be conducive to having a session. However, having a cup of coffee, tea or water nearby certainly is acceptable. It is up to you to secure your environment for privacy, and your practitioner will secure the privacy of your session on their side of the computer. Once you sign in, it is time to forget about the tools of technology and simply relax as you begin your therapeutic journey from the comfort of your selected location.