Upload files for my therapist to view in my "Items to Share"

Use your "Items to Share" in your Profile to upload files, documents, or images that you want therapists that are connected with you to view.  

To upload files to your Items to Share in your Profile:

1. Log into your account at www.virtualtherapyconnect.com

2. Under My Account on the left choose "Upload a File" or under the Items to Share Tab choose "Upload a New File"

3. You will see this screen:

Upload File View

4. You must first scroll down from "Choose a Category" (red arrow in the image above) and pick "Files"

5. Then click the Choose File button (green arrow in the image above) to browse your computer to find the file you want to upload

6. In the File Title area - enter the name of the file as you would like it to appear for therapists under your "Items to Share" in your profile

7. Click the Start Upload button (blue arrow in the image above)

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