Connect with your VTC therapist

For existing clients of our Virtual Therapy Connect practitioners:

1. If your therapist has provided you with their unique Virtual Office URL, go to the URL and create a FREE client account and login. Then skip to STEP 6 below.

2. If you don't have a unique Virtual Office URL for your therapist, just go to and create a FREE Client account (Client Registration Link)

3. Once registered, login to login to and click on "Find a Therapist" at the top of the screen

Find a Therapist

4. When you find your therapist click on their name to view their full profile 

5. If your therapist is part of a group practice, click on the group practice listing, then scroll down and click on your practitioner to view their full profile

6. Then click at the top of the therapist's profile - "Request to Connect with Your Therapist"

Request to Connect with a Therapist

Your therapist will receive notice that you have requested to connect, and once approved by your therapist, when you log into the site you will see Your Therapist listed when you click the blue "My Therapists" button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your therapist or their group practice is not listed under "Find A Therapist", you will need to go directly to the Unique URL for your therapist or group practice and log in there to request to connect with them. If you do not know your therapist's or group practice's Unique URL, please contact them directly.

Issues with Internet Explorer

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