Request a FREE 10 minute consultation

Registered clients with Virtual Therapy Connect are entitled to schedule up to three FREE 10 minute consultations with different practitioners to determine the right therapist to assist with specific needs.  The process to do this is as follows:

1. Log into your account at or create a FREE client account (Client Registration)

2. Go to "Find A Therapist" and click on individual therapists and/or group practice listings to access the full profiles of the therapists

3. If you find a therapist with whom you would like to schedule a FREE 10 minute consultation - click the "Request to Connect" link at the top of their profile

4. With your connection request, you will have the opportunity to add a message - make sure you indicate in the message that you would like to schedule a FREE 10 minute consultation

5. The clinician will have the opportunity to review the information you submitted during registration when they receive your connection request - and based on that information they will determine whether they can accept your connection request and offer you a FREE 10 minute consultation

6. You will receive a private message in your Virtual Therapy Connect private messages informing you if the therapist has accepted or denied your request

7. If the request is accepted - the therapist will work directly with you to schedule a convenient time for the consultation which may be done by telephone or through the Virtual Therapy Connect communications platform


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