Security and HIPAA Compliance

Virtual Therapy Connect has taken many steps to secure our web portal and ensure that all patient information is fully protected. There are a very specific set of regulations that apply to the electronic transmittal of information.  The HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations require the use of reasonable and appropriate safeguards to "ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability" of any health information transmitted electronically.  At Virtual Therapy Connect we have designed our web portal to comply with all of the existing guidelines.

Some of the specific steps we have take include:

  • SSL encryption over our entire site
  • Password protected site with passwords that meet the Microsoft strong password guidelines
  • Encrypted client-therapist email system that is password protected and can only be accessed by registered clients and therapists
  • Video-teleconferencing sessions that use the highest encryption standards for the audio and video transmissions, and also include a unique session ID watermarked directly onto the video
  • Real-time chat sessions that are encrypted and never audited or stored on our servers
  • Processes for monitoring and auditing our network to insure we are meeting HIPAA Security Standards
  • Routine automatic backups and periodic manual backups that comply with HIPAA guidelines for data storage and security
  • Signing of Business Associate Agreements with all of our Practitioners