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Virtual Office

Sandra Wiggins
5700 West Grace St, Suite 105-A
Congruent therapist sensitive to neurodiversity and cultural and religious differences. I will work with you here online or in my office in Richmond, Virginia. Let's connect!
All people can continue to change on their passage through life! Sometimes we have challenges to start with like thinking differences (neurodiversity), or a difficult family. We may have questions about whether still we fit into our social or religious groups. Challenges are harder if depression or anxiety hold us back or if we feel like we're stuck. Finding an empathic, experienced therapist can be a connection to taking you out of isolation and uncovering your innate ability to change. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have done my own work to grow and look forward to helping you!
I am trained in Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse. I have specialized insight into Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have years of experience with people who have addictions and co-occurring mental health challenges.
I am especially interested in helping people on the autism spectrum, older people, and people sorting out spiritual issues, but I work with all people who need help with life's challenges. Together we can find the best ways for you to overcome problems, find your strengths, and move forward.
Virginia -VA
Adult Autism (Asperger's/ASD), Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders

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