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Mary King
1664 Keller Parkway Suite #103
United States
January 2016
Licensed Professional Counselor
Mary King earned her Bachelor of Science in Family Science: Home and Family at Brigham Young University. She completed her Masters of Science Degree at Texas Woman’s University in Counseling & Development: Community counseling. She is an 8 time state medalist, All-American athlete, mother of five, and coach. I treat each client with respect and as the expert on their own life. My job is to know the latest evidence based treatments and techniques that help you be successful in overcoming common life struggles. I embrace cultural differences and diversity among individuals.

My approach to common concerns:

ANXIETY- A little anxiety in new situations helps us do well, learn, and grow.  However, when anxiety gets out of control we either panic or survive the situation which does very little for our learning or growth.  Anxiety often interferes with the enjoyment of daily life. Our thoughts play a big role in how we feel.  It is said that anxiety is learned and many of the symptoms can be improved or eliminated with therapy.   

Anger- Understand your anger by exploring the causes of your anger, the costs of anger, and the advantages of anger. Learn how to create coping thoughts, ways to communicate to solve problems, develop assertiveness and negotiation skills, and most importantly how to be good to yourself.

GRIEF-The death of a significant person is often accompanied by feelings of pain, isolation, confusion, increased stress, and loss of energy. Unexpected trigger can bring painful memories and we may feel stuck in our grief. In order to enjoy life again, it is sometimes necessary to do some grief work to address your loss and the feelings associated with that loss. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment for grieving individuals where they can explore the effects of their grief and facilitate movement into a better emotional balance.

Career Coaching- We spend a significant portion of our life working. Find a career that fits your personality, interests, skills, and preferences. Together we will analyze the assessment results, exploring options, and lay out a specific plan. Career guidance for teens is especially important as they pick their pathway to a career in school. A career will influence their happiness for decades. Invest in their future. Help your child find the career of their dreams.  We start out with a 30mins private initial session, then the 4 Assessments will be completed online  on your own as you have time, next we will meet again for a 30 mins private session to review results.

Sports MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING- Optimal concentration, superior confidence, and consistent performance. Coping with pregame anxiety and high expectations, mistakes, and fears. Efficient practice and training guides, goal setting, self-talk and imagery.

Healthy RELATIONSHIPS- making and keeping friends, developing a healthy relationships with a significant other, setting boundaries, self-esteem, and life skills.

Parenting: I acknowledges the unique ability that parents have to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of their children, and therefore enjoy the opportunity to work with parents to assist them in addressing the myriad of issues that may accompany the teenage years including the hot topics such conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving.

LPC inTexas -TX:Career and Sports Performance Coach for clients in the United States-U.S.
Anxiety, Anger, Relationships, Parenting,Grief, Sports Performance Coach, Career Coach, Self-Esteem/ Self-Image, Older Adults

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