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Virtual Office

MJ Klimenko
925 344-3241
925 344-3241
510 350-9047
MFT, LPCC,Certified Life Coach,Certified Hypnotherapist
Positive, Supportive, Non-judgmental, Experienced Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist.

Available online, California time, for day and night appointments, immediately if I'm online or appointments scheduled for a specific time through email. You choose your online session, 30 minutes $60, 60 minutes $120 or by the minute $2.00. For an immediate session, by chat, phone, or email, see if my status at the bottom of my profile page says I'm online. If so send an email to me at this email address. I will be contacted right away and will respond to you here on this site. Once we agree on what you would like to do you enter your payment choice, PayPal notifies me and we will begin with the type of session you've chosen, chat, telephone or email exchanges. You can also schedule a time for a session by emailing me.

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT 27292 and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC 313 both in the state of California. I am also certified by the Zur Institute for life coaching. I am certified by the Hypnotherapy Institute of Ca. as a Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.

Benicia CA. and Online, Immediately or Scheduled

Telephone, video conferencing, email, IM.  Immediate & scheduled appointments available.

I work with individuals and couples. Some individual issues are anxiety, depression, divorce and relationships: how to improve, find, or change one, loneliness, low self-esteem, childhood issues interfering with current functioning, abusive living situations, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, feelings of emptiness and loneliness, parenting, addiction and alcoholism, enabling a love one. Become who you were born to be before life happened to you. Find the joy, happiness, and success you are capable of creating. Learn to overcome self-defeating patterns and negative thinking. I help couples untangle the emotional breakdown, repair and restore the relationship to the place you were when you decided to commit to a life together.

In life coaching the assumption is that the client is doing O.K. but feels the need to move forward in life. Here is a partial list of issues for which a person might want coaching: making a career change, becoming upwardly mobile in a chosen profession, develop more effective communication skills at work or at home, overcoming emotional or artistic blocks, not living up to capacity and needing help defining goals and achieving them. Learn how procrastination prevents you from accomplishing your ideas or dreams. Find the courage to try something completely out of your comfort zone whether art, sports, a profession or a relationship.

Non-judgmental or critical, I have been a compassionate, supportive therapist and coach in a successful private practice for twenty-five years and have worked extensively with every issue I've listed above. I've also had many poems and short stories published and have three limited edition books in print in collaboration with artist, Manuel Neri. I have accomplished my personal and professional goals and would like to help you do the same.

Because of current California law regarding the practice of psychotherapy,  I am only able to offer coaching and hypnotherapy services out of state.

Serious mental illnesses: schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, thoughts of suicide or harming self or others, will be referred to local resources for help.

Personal and Professional Development, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Creativity, LGBT Issues, PTSD
I am out of the office and unable to reply to any client requests at this time.

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