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Karen Curtin
831 Rio Vista St
Santa Fe
New Mexico
Create the life you want to live...!
Overcome obstacles...transform limiting beliefs into expansive affirmations...gently turn negative cognitions into positive thoughts...pave new roads in your mind and body toward being able to visualize what you might become...understanding ourselves is the first step in achieving our goals.

We are all unique miracles on our individual road toward achieving our goals in this life.  At times we are sailing along...the wind in our sails...slicing through the water like a smooth ride on a wave.  Other times we get slowed down by life's obstacles... our negative paterns get triggered...our nervous system gets activated...and we slip down the slope of negative cognitions and limiting beliefs. We all need a guide at objectively challenge our negative us release limitting beliefs...and recognize our positive path. It is in these challenging times that we are offered the opportunity, the information, and the grow. 

What we focus on grows in our lives!  Let's be active participants in the decision. 

I invite you to take some time and browse my websites for more in depth information about me and the inspirational transformation process toward self-actualization I offer...let's celebrate us.




New Hampshire - NH, New Mexico - NM
Increase your Performance at work, in competition, in life. Increase your creativity and develop a personal template to access your ultimate path to YOUR success in life.

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