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Jennifer Lloyd LPC
Lloyd LPC
1041 Park Avenue
Feeling tense, nervous or unhappy? Experiencing conflict in your relationships? Struggling to parent your child? Overly concerned about your weight or body image? Feeling confused about the direction your life is going? Feeling like no one cares? Call Woodbridge, because we do. Contrary to popular belief, counseling is not simply "giving advice" and isn't for "weak" people who need a "crutch." Counseling helps you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.I provide a respectful, non-judgmental space to discuss your problems. Together, we will work on developing a plan for you to create greater life satisfaction.

You thought you could face your issues alone, but now feel overwhelmed. You put off getting help because you felt you "should be able to handle it." Let me help you put your burdens down, and find your natural skills to change your problems to possibilities.

Whether you are experiencing problems as an individual, in a relationship, as a parent, or within your family unit, I can help you understand the "biology of stress." Once you realize how to harness your brain's power, you can become more effective in all of your relationships.
Pennsylvania - PA
marriage/family, eating disorders, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, adolescent issues

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