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Virtual Office

Elaine Messarra LPC
Messarra LPC
P.O. Box 4380
United States
I have worked as a psychotherapist for nursing home patients since 2007.

I see patients with a wide range mental health issues: depression, anxiety, psychosis, cognitive impairment due to medical issues, Traumatic Brain Injury, demenita, alzheimers related disorders.

I have worked with families & patients to provide personalized coping strategies, behavioral & safety plans for pt care at home or nursing home care, hospice services

I assist families to provide quality of life decisions for loved ones & parents

I also have been a caregiver for a parent with dementia & mental illness.

B.S. 1980 North Texas State University
M.S. 1990 Corpus Christi, State University
L.P.C 1994


I provide individual psychotherapy for adults.

Therapeutic dialogue enables clients to process emotional content & stressors.

Organizing and prioritizing thoughts alleviates feelings of overwhelming anxiety.


Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Women's Issues, Relationship Issues, Christian Counseling,

Caregiver Burnout, Aging Parents, Dementia, Alzheimers, Grief


My Online Office Hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday  

Please message me to schedule an appt

Texas - TX
Aging Parents, Dementia, Alzheimers, Mental Health, Christian Counseling
I am out of the office and unable to reply to any client requests at this time.

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