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Kathy McCoy
6450 W. Willow Way
LMFT 36870 (California)
I am a California licensed LMFT with a Ph.D. I got my advanced clinical degree from Antioch University and am also an alum of Northwestern University. My clinical orientation is eclectic, utilizing cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, humanistic and psychodynamic therapies, whatever works best for you and your own unique situation.
All of us have crisis points in our lives, times when it's hard to know what to do and where to turn. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, marital or relationship conflict, an estrangement from an adult child or other family member or grief over the loss of a beloved pet, I am here for you. My approach is gentle, down to earth, utilizing humor when appropriate. As a therapist, I provide a safe place for you to express the full range of your thoughts and feelings as we work together toward solutions and resolution of your life crisis.
One of my specialties is helping parents and/or adult children who are estranged either to reconnect or to deal with the grief of estrangement and go on to build a full life. 
I also have experience in helping those dealing with grief over a variety of losses, anxiety, pet loss, women's issues, couples therapy, gay and lesbian issues, special challenges for people in the arts (actors, writers, other performers) including career transitions, performance anxiety and writer's block, conflicts in and around retirement and relocation.
California for therapy; nationwide for life coaching
Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Pet Loss, Women's Issues

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