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Virtual Office

Carrie Wellman
1701 S. 17th St. Suite C1
Hello, my name is Carrie Wellman and I provide counseling to the GLBTQ community in Nebraska. I specialize in transgender therapy in the Lincoln, NE area where I have a private practice office. As an open lesbian in the community, I advocate for the rights and needs of this very special population. There are therapists out there who say they are trans-friendly or have experience in the field, but I have devoted the past 9+ years in developing a rapport with the medical community and providing services in a competent and professional manner. I follow the Harry Benjamin standards of care, but I also understand every individual has a passage to cross during their transition and timeframes may vary. In addition to caring about all MTF and FTM individuals, I am a spiritual seeker who finds strength in Buddha wisdom. I am also devoted to the rights of animals and participate in rescue efforts of all animals. As a licensed independent mental health practitioner, I provide every client with the utmost respect, care and nurturance. Transitioning is not only life changing, but the battles within families to the larger societal culture, create obstacles that I am willing to fight. I embrace the experience with each client and offer support that is needed with compassion. I encircle any trans-individual out there, and hope if you are looking at this Virtual Therapy page, you have a support system and belief in yourself to make a stand and become the man or woman you deserve to be. Sometimes you have to go through the rain to get the rainbow.....but that rainbow is out there for each one of you!! Best wishes on your journey.
Nebraska - NE, United States of America - USA
GLBT Transgender Gay Lesbian Queer

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