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Virtual Office

Ana M Lastra LPC Certified Emotion Focused Couple Therapist
Ana M
Lastra LPC Certified Emotion Focused Couple Therapist
(866) 390-1488
19 east market st. Suite 205
Experienced therapist specialized in the supportive treatment of relationship distress, mood disorders, adjustment and life losses. Specialized in Emotion Focussed Couples therapy and experienced in recovery from relationship abuse. Spanish Speaking.

Welcome to my practice. I am an experienced, bi-lingual therapist(English/Spanish)who believes that therapy is a process of supported self discovery and emotional growth and healing. I specialize in the treatment of adults and couples. I am trained in emotion-focussed couples' therapy, a cutting-edge, attachment-based experiental therapy.

Virginia - VA
Couples Therapy, Depression, Adjustment Difficulties, Spanish Speaking

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