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Tina Christian
PO Box 16741
United States
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
I specialize in individual, family, and group therapies. My focus is on empowerment and total well-being, achieve by an eclectic trauma based approach, which is determined by the unique needs of client, in an effort to reduce symptoms, increase coping skills, acquire emotional management and mood regulating skills. I strive to creating a trusting therapeutic relationship, that will allow clients to work on individual goal setting in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Sometimes life’s challenges can get us down. However, we have to learn how to persevere through it all. These challenges come in many forms. From day-to-day stressors, health issues, defeating behaviors and perceptions, relationship conflicts, physical or sexual abuse and other traumatic life experiences, unresolved childhood experiences, substance abuse, irritability, mood disorders or even mental and or intellectual disabilities; theses challenges can all cause impairment in our lives. I believe it’s important to form a team approach with clients to identify, and overcome these challenges that may be preventing them from acquiring self-actualization, reaching their maximum potential and overall total well-being. Only you can make the choice to feel better. You are the expert in your life, let me be your ally in your journey to you reaching your maximum potential and total well-being. Skills and Expertise: Abandonment, Abuse / Survivor of Abuse, Academic underachievement, Addiction, Adjusting to change / Life transitions, Adoption / Foster care issues, Aggression and violence, Alcohol abuse, Anger management, Anxiety, Attachment issues, Attention deficit (ADHD), Behavior issues, Blended family issues, Caregiver issues or stress, Child or adolescent, Codependency, Communication problems, Coping mechanisms, Depression, Domestic abuse, Drug abuse, Dual diagnosis, Emotional abuse, Emotional disturbance, Family conflict, Fear, Helplessness and victimhood, Irritability, Life coaching, Loss or grief, Mood disorders, Multicultural concerns, Oppositional defiance, Panic, Parenting, Peer relationships, Physical abuse, PTSD, Relationship issues, Self-harming, Sexual abuse, Stress, Substance abuse, Teens, Thinking Disorders, and Trauma.

Missouri - MO
Mental Health, Adults, Children and Adolescents, Trauma and Abuse, Family, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, Wellness and Grief

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