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Cheryl Aiken
(505) 269-6131
(505) 269-6131
2601 Wyoming Blvd Suite 120
New Mexico
United States
I have a PsyD and LPCC. My practice philosophy consists of believing that people can identify their problems and resolve them when they have the opportunity to do so. Today's world makes it difficult for people to attend to one another in a meaningful manner. People need connection and understanding. When people are heard, accepted, and understood healing takes place. I strive to hear people, to be present to them, to genuinely accept them and care about them without judging them. This nurturing environment enables people to be themselves, to open up, and consider the possibility of change and growth.

I have worked in the mental health field for 30+ years. I have extensive experience in working with individuals on issues of depression, anxiety, anger, ADHD, substance abuse, trauma, relationship issues, stress and burnout issues, and parenting issues. I find that working collaboratively with individuals, couples, and families is an effective method of helping people work out their problems. I approach therapy from a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach. This includes many techniques such as mindfulness, developing rational thinking patterns, journaling, distress tolerance, problem solving and developing healthy communciation patterns. I believe in being genuine, empathic, and caring in my interactions with each individual I work with. 

I also believe each individual is in charge of themselves. I work with individuals to decide what they want to work on and what they want to change. The process of psychotherapy is guided by the individual and his or her beliefs and desires. Individuals decide if they want to make changes, what changes they want to make, how to make those changes and how to maintain the changes they have made. 

Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Parenting, relationship issues, Trauma

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