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Virtual Office

Paige Pradko LPC NCC
Pradko LPC NCC
155 Rochdale Dr., Suite B
Rochester Hills
I am a board certified psychotherapist that specializes in treating people with Anxiety and Panic, Depression, OCD, Relationship and Family issues, Grief and PTSD. I utilize proven strategies from several theoretical orientations like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy, based on what helps my clients.

My passion and purpose are to ease the suffering of my clients and to inspire behavior and thought changes that encourage one to thrive. Suffering can take many forms. For those experiencing anxiety or depression, suffering may be constant mental unrest and worry, avoidance, isolation, panic, sorrow and even self-injury. I first became interested in helping and healing when a close family member experienced debilitating anxiety and isolated himself from others. A desire to help combined with long standing interest in human behavior, led to my path of becoming a psychotherapist. I am devoted to helping and am engaged in lifelong learning to enhance my growth as a therapist.

Please view my website to learn more about psychological services and to hear what my clients have to say about working with me in therapy.

Michigan - MI
Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Panic, Grief, Abuse, Shame, Relationship Issues, OCD

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