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Virtual Office

Natalie Asayag
133 N 4th Street
Licensed Social Worker
At one point or another, we all face challenging situations and circumstances. During these times it is most helpful to have a positive support in managing concerns and to serve as an assist in reaching our own personal goals. Renew Wellness & Psychotherapy strives to create and maintain a nonjudgmental, warm environment to discuss and manage such concerns. If you feel you would benefit from a collaborative relationship in managing personal challenges, we will be happy to partner with you in building upon your strengths to reach your vision of happiness.

Natalie's approach to therapy is to serve her clients' individual needs, as they are presented. She uses multiple modalities such as psychodynamic (understanding one's history), cognitive behavioral therapy (behavioral changes) and solution focused therapies (goal setting). Most importantly, she follows the requests of her clients when practicing these modalities, so as to be sure to create a comfortable environment which allows for healing, change and growth.

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania-PA
Anxiety, depression, self esteem, gender identity, sexual abuse, self esteem, concerns related to disordered eating, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc.

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