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Maria Antonia Rodriguez
Maria Antonia
261 Trouville Rd
New York
I am a licensed Psychologist in NYS with experience helping diverse clients at various hospitals in NYC as well as community clinics in MA. I have training in multicultural psychology, and I provide psychological services in English and Spanish. I tailor my treatment to the unique needs of every individual based on the person's culture, beliefs, and social support. My areas of expertise include improving interpersonal relationships, working through trauma, issues of immigration, anxiety and depression, coping with chronic illness, grieving, and transitioning into society after incarceration. My approach is active and goal-oriented. Given that each person will respond differently to treatment, I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach while integrating psychodynamic elements as necessary. I believe that the mind and body are connected and my treatment addresses this as well.
New York - NY
chronic conditions, treatment adherence, trauma, depression, anxiety, improving self-esteem

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