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Virtual Office

Lisa Talerico
2305 Historic Decatur Rd Suite 100
San Diego
United States
Psychologist (PSY 19743)
I am a Clinical Psychologist who provides a safe, trusting, nonjudgmental, and respectful environment in which my clients are able to work through their difficult issues. I specialize in teen issues (school, emotional/behavioral,family), young adult issues (transition, career, relationship), and depression, anxiety, grief/loss, eating disorders, LGBT issues, and substance abuse. I also help clients achieve personal growth. I also specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

My goal is to help you develop insight and to provide you with real tools and coping skills to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve optimal mental and emotional health.

I am direct, yet I allow my clients to set the pace of the process. I strive for all of my clients to help them to feel good about themselves, their relationships, and their place in this world.
California - CA
Adults, Adoescents, Family, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, LGBT Issues, Grief/Loss,Transitional Life/Personal Growth

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