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Virtual Office

Dr. Jay Saul
Dr. Jay
6800 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 120W
New York
United States
New York State Psychologist
Let's work together to help you achieve the goals you want in life. I am a doctoral-level Clinical Psychologist who uses cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques to help guide you in a healthier and more peaceful direction. The approach used during our time together is straight-forward, collaborative, and science-based. Adults and children who work with me are encouraged to take an active role in learning practical skills for taking back their lives. At the end of each session, we will come up with action steps for homework that are attainable and directly related to your values and goals. You will always feel supported during our work.

Call for a free telephone consultation (516-835-2048) or visit my website ( for more information. Calls are returned as soon as possible. Appointment times are kept open during the week for new clients or people in crisis, as you shouldn't have to wait to get help.
New York State -NY
Anxiety, ADHD, Anger, Depression, Relationships, Autism Spectrum

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