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Dr. Dawn Nelson
Dr. Dawn
Historic Third Ward
My practice centers on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. The knowledge base of my practice is intentionally inter-disciplinary and integrative, woven together from years of studies in philosophy, theology, and psychology as well as anatomy, physiology, and applied exercise science. I earned a B.A. with High Honors in Philosophy from University of Florida, a Master of Divinity with a focus on Pastoral Care & Counseling from Duke University, and a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. Also, in the few months in between earning my Masters degree and beginning the doctoral program, I became Certified as a Personal Trainer & Coach through the American Council on Exercise.

The name of my practice is Centre for Human Flourishing LLC.  It is a boutique psychology practice that specializes in Human Flourishing or Eudaimonia.  An essential aspect of facilitating human flourishing - helping people actualize their potential and become their best - involves assisting others who have made the decision to withdraw from psychiatric drugs.  The essence of my work is to shine a light along the path, to lead the way toward Psychological and Emotional Health & Wellness / Human Excellence & Happiness.  

Mind | Body | Spirit

North Carolina - NC, Wisconsin - WI
Harmful effects of mental health & psychiatric system, Depression, Grief, Trauma and Loss, Health & Wellness

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