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Virtual Office

Sara Rodriguez
19215 Wheatfield Ter
I specialize in working with FAMILIES, TEENS, ADULTS AND COUPLES for the treatment of:
* anxiety
* depression
* communication
* conflict resolution and relational concerns
* alternative (non-medicinal) treatment of ADHD *adoption/attachment issues
* trauma
* grief and loss
* divorce adjustment for teens and co-parenting
* As a believer, I am more than happy to include spirituality, upon request.

I enjoy using my training and experience as a independently-licensed clinical social worker in therapy to serve others. I also believe it is my job not only to create a safe place where you can feel heard and understood, but to send you out the door with skills you can use in your daily lives.

It is my goal that healing, connection and hope grows as a result of our time together. Please feel free to call, email or visit my website for more details: I would be happy to "meet" you!

During the first two sessions, you can expect to fill out paperwork and share what brings you into therapy. The subsequent sessions will include not only a time to express your concerns or challenges throughout that week, but also a time to learn and practice new skills.

Maryland - MD
Anxiety, trauma, attachment, spirituality

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