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 Our Story


Virtual Therapy Connect is owned and operated by Virtual Therapy Center, LLC, an industry leader since 2009 delivering innovative, secure technology solutions to mental healthcare providers. With our unique turn-key telehealth solutions and unparalleled customer support, our customers  easily adopt and integrate technology to expand how they deliver services, who they reach, and provide the highest standard in quality care possible! 

In 2016, we launched the easy-to-use, powerful VTConnect Enterprise Telehealth Platform to support all types and sizes of healthcare providers in delivering quality healthcare that transcends the limits of the traditional in-person treatment model. VTConnect consistently transforms already successful healthcare providers into cutting-edge industry leaders who WOW their clients with an integrated, user-friendly, high quality virtual care platform that allows clients to connect from anywhere to support their journey to wellness.

Most recently we have focused our efforts on helping our mental healthcare practitioners to supercharge their practices with our improved, easier-to-use, more powerful Virtual Therapy Connect telehealth solution. This new turn-key solution is powered by our VTConnect Enterprise Telehealth Platform. As part of this new solution, we also re-launched the Virtual Therapy Connect website to showcase a more modern style, to support a more responsive design, and to build an online community where practitioners and clients can effectively share information and support mental wellness. With the new Virtual Therapy Connect solution, our practitioners can more easily than ever, build, grow, and manage a successful online practice!