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How to Prepare and Find a Virtual Care Provider that’s a Good Fit for you?

If you’re a prospective patient evaluating virtual therapy, you might understandably feel overwhelmed. Still, there are several advantages that are probably motivating your search: Perhaps you have a variable work schedule, or you travel often. Maybe you don’t travel at all due to health constraints or limited access to transportation. Do you worry about being seen at a therapist’s office or would you prefer not to involve your employer or insurer as you seek assistance for a specific issue? Whatever the case, here is a checklist to help you on your path.

Checklist for Finding a Therapist

Take the time to think about your goals.

  1. Narrow down your specialty, what issue are you looking to solve? For example, do you need marriage counseling? Do you need assistance with an eating disorder? Or do you need help to manage your depression? Each practitioner has a specific area of expertise.
  2. Does the practitioner hold appropriate credentials? Are you comfortable with their level of training?
  3. Have the practitioner’s listed credentials and licenses been verified by an independent third-party verification service?

Interview your prospective therapist to ensure the best fit.

  1. Do you feel there is a personality fit and can you see yourself speaking openly with this person?
  2. What is the practitioner’s approach to therapy, and will that approach meet your needs?
  3. Is the practitioner accepting new patients?
  4. Are the available time slots convenient to your schedule?
  5. How much does each session cost?
  6. Discuss if you will need short or longer term therapy to reach your goals.

Things to consider before you decide.

  1. Can you afford the therapeutic plan you discussed with the practitioner?
  2. Will your insurance cover any part of your sessions?
  3. Did you do research to see if there are reviews available regarding the practitioner?
  4. Have you asked your friends, colleagues or general practitioner if they know or know of the therapist in order to get a more personalized opinion?
  5. Can you see yourself communicating regularly with this practitioner as you work toward your goals?