Instructions on How to Connect on Our Site with Your Current Clients

The best way for therapists to connect with their current clients is to give them these instructions:

Client Instructions for connecting with your therapist at Virtual Therapy Connect:

  1. Go to and register as a new client. Client accounts are free.
  2. Once you receive your username and password, go to your therapist's unique Virtual Therapy Office URL and login.
  3. If you don't know your therapists unique Virtual Therapy Office URL or your therapist does not have one, just login to the site and then search for your therapist's listing on our "Find A Therapist" page.
  4. Once you are viewing your therapist's Virtual Office, click at the top of the page "Reques to Connect with Therapist"

The therapist will receive a notification that a client is requesting to connect and will need to log in and accept the connection. The connection must be accepted by the therapist in order for a client to to use the private messaging feature, as well as to be able to participate in video consultations with the therapist.

For Therapist - How do I Accept/Reject a client Connection Request:

  1. When a client requests a connection  - you will receive an email letting you know there is a Private Message and to log into the VTC site to read.  The private message will alert you to the connection request.
  2. Look on the left side of your screen under "Pending Tasks" and click "Connection Request" to view the request. NOTE:  If you have a pending connection request you can also click your "My Clients" button and choose the "Manage Actions" tab to view the request.
  3. Choose the "check mark" to accept the connection or choose the "X" to decline the connection and then click the "Update" button.

If you accept the connection, the person will now be listed when you view "My Clients" and you will now be able to conduct video teleconferencing sessions and private message your client.

Issues with Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer and are experiencing any issues with our site you need to adjust your compatibility settings. Click Here for detailed instructions.