How to use text-chatting without Audio and Video in a VTConnect Session

Step 1: From the treatment room, simply click the camera and/or microphone icons in the upper right corner of the Treatment Room to disable the camera and/or microphone. You will notice a red "X" through the icons when they have been clicked.

Step 2: Begin the session by clicking the "Begin" button in the upper left of the screen and you will be able to start a text-chat only session. 

Step 3: If your client's image and/or audio are being transmitted, instruct them to disable their audio and/or video by also clicking on their camera and/or microphone icons.

Step 4: Type your content in the smallest box at the bottom of the screen and click enter or click the "Send" button in the App. You will see the content of all text received and sent it the text-chat box.

Important Note: If you end a session and login again without completely shutting down the VTConnect App, the audio and/or video will remain disabled in your next session.

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