How do I accept/reject a client connection request?

If you receive a connection request from a client - you have the option to accept or deny this request.

When the connection request is sent, you will receive a private message alerting you to the connection request and you will also see a Pending Task on the left side of your Virtual Office:

Therapist connection requires action

To accept or reject the connection request - you must click the link "connection requires action" below the Pending Tasks (see the image above) or click the "My Clients" button in your Virtual Office and choose the "Manage Actions" tab to reach this screen:

Therapist manage connections

If you want to accept the connection, the check mark needs to be selected, and if you wan to reject the "X" needs to be selected - then click Update.

Before accepting or rejecting a client, be sure to scroll your mouse over the image to view the pop up area that includes the content of any message the client has included with their request. You should click on the client's image to view the client's profile.  This profile will provide you access to the information the client provided during the registration process - this information includes basic demographic details as well as a brief clinical intake.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You may communicate with the client by responding to the private message that notifies you of the connection request, but this does not take the place of the accept/reject process outlined above.  To utilize the VTC communications platform with a client - you must ACCEPT the connection as described.  If you choose to reject the connection, please also reply to the private message with details of why you did not accept (i.e. client does not live in a state you service, you do not specialize in the client's area of need, etc.)  

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