How to Connect for a VTConnect Session

STEP 1: Download the appropriate VTConnect application for your device. 

Windows IconFor Windows Click Here

Mac IconFor Mac OS X Click Here

Android IconFor Android Click Here

iOS IconFor iOS Click Here

Step 2: At the time of your scheduled session, login to the website at Or you can also launch the VTConnect App directly from your device and skip down to Step 6. 

Step 3: Click the "My Clients" button in the top left to view the clients you have previously connected with. 

Note: If you do not see your client listed, please ask them to follow the Instructions to Create a Connection with a Therapist.

Step 4: Click on the client with whom you would like to connect.

Step 5: Begin the VTC Session from your client's profile page by clicking the "Begin VTC Session" button. This will launch the VTConnect App. If you have not already downloaded the appropriate App for your device or if your App version is out of date, you will be directed to download the appropriate App when you click the "Begin VTC Session" button.

Important Note for Mac Users: If you do not have the App already installed when you click the "Begin VTC Session" button you will get an error box. You can click the "Search App Store" button and type in "VTConnect" to find the App and then install it. Or you can also click the link to "Download VTConnect App" below the Begin VTC Session button in your Virtual Office. 

Safari Error When VTConnect is not installedDowland Mac App Button

Step 6: Login to the VTConnect App using the same username and password you use for the Virtual Therapy Connect website. Be sure to check the "Remember Me" box if you want the App to remember your login credentials when the App is running on your device - this is helpful when you have multiple client sessions scheduled for the same day.

Login Screen for PC with Remember Me

Step 7: From the Appointment Screen, select the client with whom you have a scheduled session and then click "Connect VTC Session" at the bottom of the screen. Only clients with whom you have previously established a connection via the website will be listed. 

VTConnect Appointment Screen 

Note: If you do not see your client listed you need to make sure your client follows the Instructions to Create a Connection with a Therapist through the VTC website prior to using the VTConnect App.

STEP 8: Click "Begin" (upper left corner) to start the session when prompted in the text-chat message window below the video box that the client has arrived in the Waiting Room.

Gen 3.0 Therapist Begin Button Session

Step 9: During a session, you can pause the audio and/or video at any time by clicking the icons in the upper right hand corner, but when paused you still can use the text-chat feature.  Enter any text messages in the box next to the "Send" button and click "Enter" on your computer or the "Send" button to deliver the message to your client. All messages sent/received will be displayed in the text-chat window.

VTConnect Treatment Room

STEP 10: Click the "End" button when your session is complete. Note: Only the therapist can end a session - if a client exits the treatment room you will receive notice in the text-chat window and if the client returns to the App they will be offered the opportunity to re-join the session in progress.

Please submit a Technical Support Request if you have any questions or issues with VTConnect. You can find a link to the VTConnect Technical Support Request form if you login to your account at and look under the My Account Menu on the left hand side.

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