Setting Up Your Virtual Office/Updating Your Profile

Log in and under My Account menu on the left click the "Edit My Profile" link. Then you will want to click through and update items in the Virtual Office tab and the Profile tab.  

IMPORTANT: Make sure you always click UPDATE at the very bottom of each page after making any changes so that your edits will be saved!


Virtual Office Tab


  1. Choose a Profile Image - from the drop down menu choose "Upload new image" and select the image file. IMPORTANT NOTE: Updated profile images wil not appear until approved by a moderator. An email will be sent after a moderator has reviewed the image.
  2. Add your website address it is not already filled in. If you don’t have a website already and want assistance to build one – please visit our partner TherapySites.

  3. Fill in and/or correct any other information in the fields that have the "eye image" indicating they are visible on your profile.

Remember to click UPDATE to save your changes!


Profile Tab


  1. Complete the Short Profile section with a brief description of your credentials and practice philosophy. This profile will be visible to anyone that visits our public facing Find a Therapist page and click's on your listing.

  2. Complete the Full Profile - Include additional details not covered in your short profile. Thie full profile can only be viewed by logged in users.

Remember to click UPDATE to save your changes!


Issues with Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer and are experiencing any issues with our site you need to adjust your compatibility settings. Click Here for detailed instructions.