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VTC-Features 3 1024x1024 enables organizations of any size to easily deploy a turn-key tele-health solution for their clients that is secure, simple, and affordable!

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  • Our therapist-level subscription plans are feature-rich and cost effective. Take a few minutes to review your options:

    • Get your feet wet with the Basic Plan, a free, no-risk opportunity to experience the technology and services of Virtual Therapy Connect.
    • Or dive in and expand your practice with the Premier Plan, featuring $180 in discounts on key upgrades over the basic plan to help you grow your practice!
    • The Gold Plan is our best value—unlimited secure video teleconferencing, four key upgrades at no extra cost (a $230 value over the Basic Plan!) and a $200 discount on the Legal Template Bundle—ten legal document templates you need to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant!

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    browse-65Registration takes just a few minutes. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email with a request to verify your email account. At this point, you will receive instructions regarding the final step to activating your account—initiating a background check with an independent third-party, InfoCubic.

    All practitioners that join our network must pass a background check and license verification. A background check and verification of one license is a one-time non-refundable fee of $30, paid directly to InfoCubic. Any additional licenses to be listed under your credentials must be verified to be listed on our site and cost $7.50 per additional license.

    Following a successful background check and license verification, your account will be completely activated! Register now!

  • Virtual Therapy Connect gives you a tried-and-true way to connect with your existing patients to provide additional services and convenience, as well as grow your practice with new patients that will find your listing on our site.

    Take the time to upload a photo and write a short message of introduction highlighting your skills and specialties. It’s also crucial to upload a full biography, which will be reviewed by patients looking to connect with practitioners with experience in their presenting issue.

  • As a component of this service, you agree to offer FREE 10-minute consultations to prospective patients initiating a connection with you. These consultations are intended to help new patients overcome their fears of therapy, grow their confidence using virtual tools and see if there is a personality and expertise fit between you. Use the free consultation to help your prospective patient determine if a full, scheduled appointment is the appropriate and beneficial next step.

    If you have existing patients, connecting with them is easy. Instruct your patients to browse to your name under “Find a Therapist,” click on your full profile, and then click at the top of the page “Request to Connect with Your Therapist.” You may also send them a link to your Unique URL if you have one.

  • Before you conduct a virtual session for the first time, consider scheduling a Practice Client Session. If you are a Gold-level subscriber, this service is included in your monthly fee but all levels can engage Virtual Therapy Connect for this service—the one-time fee for Basic and Premier-level subscribers is worth it!

    A Practice Client Session gives you the opportunity to connect with a VTC customer support specialist and get feedback on how to optimize your virtual office. We will review:

    1. Lighting – you don’t want to be too well lit or over-exposed [i.e., angelic] or have too much background lighting so that your face appears dark or mean
    2. Camera Placement – you want your camera to be at eye-level so that you don’t appear to be looking up or down; it’s important for you to be able to watch your patient but also appear to be looking in their eyes!
    3. Background suggestions – how can you position your camera so that your background looks pleasing and uncluttered to minimize potential distractions?
    A Practice Client Session will help you to use these innovative tools confidently and minimize disruptions or technical issues from the start so that you can concentrate on your patient—not on your technology.