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Customize your VTConnect Office Portal to Reflect Your Practice!

We recommend  that you do not simply keep the default settings in your VTConnect Office Portal, but rather we encourage you to customize your VTConnect Office Portal to enhance the client experience and establish your telehealth solution as a seamless extension of your practice.

Any staff with the Organizational Administrative role can customize the Portal by logging in and selecting the “Organization” top menu item. While there are several customization options available, we highlight a few below that we think are particularly important.

Support Info: In this field, you should provide detailed instructions for clients on how to contact your practice with any questions or to report any issues they might experience. Most reported client issues can easily be resolved. But if the issue needs to be escalated, any staff member within the organization can easily and securely send the details to the VTConnect Support Team by using the “Contact Support” option within the Portal.

Payment Integration: This offers you the opportunity to add a link to your payment processor so that clients can easily pay for sessions online. This is particularly helpful if you are providing your telehealth as fee-for-service treatment.

Portal Theming: This is the customization that will give your VTConnect Office Portal the same look and feel as your organization. To do this, you can replace the VTConnect Logo with your organization’s logo or with another image that represents your organization.. You can also change the default title and subtitle to better reflect your organization. Lastly, you can change the primary, secondary, and font colors to match those of your organization. Customized themining is key to giving clients the impression that telehealth is simply an extension of your organization. 

For more information on how to customize your VTConnect Office Portal, visit our FAQ, How do I customize my portal landing page and settings?