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Can I build a successful virtual practice even if I am not tech-savvy?

ABSOLUTELY!! I have been providing online therapy to clients for over 10 years, but believe it or not, I am generally what most would refer to as a “late adopter” of new technology. My kids often still laugh about the fact that when texting became an option on our cell phones, I initially refused to use it until my kids stopped answering my phone calls!

I will admit that a tech-savvy practitioner may initially have an easier time getting up and running with virtual therapy, but after a short learning curve the non tech-savvy practitioner will be poised for success too. Luckily with Virtual Therapy Connect, you don’t need to understand the technology itself, you just need to be comfortable using the tools and features provided. Since your Virtual Office and Treatment Room are powered by VTConnect, to get up to speed quickly, I suggest reading the VTConnect FAQs. Then I suggest setting up a practice session with a Virtual Therapy Connect Support Specialist or with a family member or friend before connecting with actual clients. If you have ever experience any issues or need additional assistance, use the link in your Virtual Office to reach out to the customer support team at VTConnect, they are there to support your success!

Fortunately, the key to building a successful virtual practice really has nothing to do with how easily you navigate technology, but it has everything to do with your willingness to learn and then integrate the technology tools into your practice!

– Martha H. Ireland PhD, RN, CS, CEDS