Benefits for Clients that Sign Up

  • No cost to register – only charged (by the selected practitioner) if you decide to schedule a full therapy session

  • No commuting to an onsite office - saving time and money

  • Access to a growing network of practitioners – not limited only to the therapists in the local area

  • Confidence in the qualifications of each practitioner – all of our practitioners must pass a background check with license verification conducted by a 3rd party

  • Ability to connect FREE for an initial 10 minute consultation with up to 3 practitioners to help you determine whether a scheduled appointment with a particular practitioner would be beneficial for you

  • Convenience of the Virtual Waiting Room – you simply log on when it is time for a scheduled video therapy session appointment – while waiting you can pay your bill using Visa or Mastercard, send and receive secure private messages to/from your therapist, and access forms posted by your therapist

  • No special equipment needed – just a Webcam and a microphone!